Invert button not in sync with ctrl-i

I use the invert image trick to remove magenta cast from images with the “remove green noise” tool but if I press the icon to invert, the tool doesn’t work. It does work however if i ctrl-i to invert. also it can get out of sync so the image isn’t inverted but the icon says it is and then photometric cali fails as it can’t identify stars. The preview is showing normal image though. The fix is to press the icon to un-invert (but actually invert) then ctrl-i to in-invert again.

this is in 1.0.6

Hello, the GUI button only changes the display, not the image. Control-I and the inv command change the image.

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Yes, one should not confuse visualization tools with image processing tools.

Ah ok thanks- I’m sure in earlier versions i was able to invert from the icon button and remove magenta with the green tool and it worked- maybe i imagined it though

Sorry but I’m sure it was never possible to do that.