Is it possible to create a 3D box (cube) in Natron?


Does anyone know a tutorial about how to create a Simple 3D box in Natron using Views Menu or View properties as After Effects does with Camera Views?

I saw in a Nuke video about a Card3D node usage, but I couldn’t do the same in Natron.

Use blender to generate the images, or create a Shadertoy program

I know that Blender can do many things as Natron does. But in fact I would like to work just with Natron as I could work with Adobe After Effects or Nuke. There are some 3D effects that After Effects can achieve just changing Camera View, what Card3D in fact does in Nuke.

I really appreciate your suggestion, but building a 3D cube is just my “journey start” at learning 3D compositions in Natron as After Effects does.

There is a Card3D node, but - just like in Nuke - it can only do billboards. Having 3D models in Natron requires a lot more work. If you can afford building a team the size of the AE or Nuke team, then Natron could easily get that too.