Is it sensible to use darktable to correct this sort of image defect?

I just got this result from my slide scanning; does it make sense to try to remove this defect in the image using darktable? If so, what modules, in what order, would you recommend? Or should I try to understand how to do it in, say, GIMP, or Photoshop (in which I have more experience, but not necessarily more expertiseBox2-030a.tif (55.5 MB) !).

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I think this needs a lot of manual editing (retouch module or filters). Might be possible in darktable or gimp.

Many things need to be fixed here. I’m not sure if darktable would be a good choice for this, it tends to slow down significantly when using many individual shapes and there is (used to be?) a limit on how many shapes that can be used 64 if I’m not mistaken. It also has, compared to GIMP, Krita and probably Photoshop (no experience with that one myself) a rather limited set of tools to fix stuff like this in my opinion.