Is keypad 'Numlock' setting of relevance when setting or applying keyboard shortcuts?

I ask this question because I saw a confusing result (not reproducible) on my 3.8 darktable under Mint 20.3.

When assigning the keyboard keypad ‘2’ key (down arrow) to a quicktag option with the numlock key ‘on’, the entry in the shortcutsrc file showed ‘KP_2’ for the associated lua/quicktag entry - which was what I expected. However, all other keys on the keypad created entries in the shortcutsrc file of the form ‘KP_Home’ or ‘KP_Page_Up’ with the numlock key ‘on’. When I deleted and re-applied the shortcuts, with numlock ‘off’, all the entries in shortcutsrc were of the form ‘KP_Home…’.

Assigning the associated quicktag to an image worked as expected irrespective of the setting of numlock.

Is this the intended behaviour? I had expected that I would be able to assign different shortcuts, depending on the numlock status - so that I could get more than 9 quicktag shortcuts.

An additional comment if I may:
I found that trying to assign the keypad keys as shortcuts to quicktags in my Windows install resulted in warning messages of conflicting shortcut assignments. I thought that darktable did not use the keypad kays in any of the default shortcuts. Is this not true?

I recall having had issues from the very beginning of my dt experience. If memory serves, the experience is different depending on the OS and keyboard. What was consistent was that num pad and num rows yielded different codes no matter how I remapped the num pad. Now, this is many versions and years ago, so maybe things have changed for the better or worse. In general, I don’t use the num pad for shortcut purposes.

Might be less of an issue now, because you can map multiple shortcuts to the same action (though you’d still have to set up all the duplicate numpad shortcuts manually). I can’t test because I only have TKL keyboards.

I only use dt out of curiosity nowadays, so I don’t use shortcuts, but that is good news.