Is Lensfun dead? [It is not, my mistake]

Hi, is Lensfun dead?
There’s no update on the bug-tracker/feature-request since October last year, and last official release from 2015.

Besides that, all my lenses are already in darktable’s database but my camera isn’t. It’s a Nikon D5600.
I’ve been selecting manually the D5500 in the lens correction module since it has the same crop factor. But when I do this, although is detected, I have to select the lens manually and it’s a pain scrolling thru the menu.
So, is there a way I can modify the local database of darktable so I can include my camera?


(I have darktable from pmjdebruijn PPA on Ubuntu 18.04)

Certainly not dead, just feature complete.

You can issue a command, I think lensfun-update-db or something like that to update the lens database.

The database is updated outside of the code.

I was hoping more of a XML I could edit, like noiseprofiles.json, since the feature request of adding the Nikon D5600 is from November 2017 and it is still “open” like everything past October 2017. has activity and in the data folder there is a lot of XML

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You can always add it locally in your user directory till someone will add it upstream. Here is an example:

cat .local/share/lensfun/mil-sony.xml 
        <model lang="en">Alpha 7 III</model>
        <mount>Sony E</mount>

        <model>FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM</model>
        <mount>Sony E</mount>
           <distortion model="ptlens" focal="16" a="-0.01" b="-0.02" c="-0.039" />
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Oh, now I see my mistake. from the Lensfun website I was directed to sourceforge not github.

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Thanks! That’s what I needed!

That’s true that tickets stay open on the “main” Lensfun repository . If not dead, this repository seems at least sleeping.

So as @asn suggested make your own corrections locally. For D5600 copy the D5500 data (same crop factor) waiting for a possible correction upstream.

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I think a bug can be opened here:

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It seems devoted entirely to calibration request :hushed:

Because there are a lot of them. The project is active. At least there is a discussion going on in the pull request I created.

They accepted the request


Awesome! Thanks for contributing. :slight_smile:

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@asn already commited. You are right. Much more reactive on github :grinning:

It might be worth raising a ticket, (on the github site), requesting an update to both the main website & sourceforge to redirect people to the github site!