is there a limit for importing collections on dark table?

How many collections can I import into the dark table without harming the program’s performance?

I organize my photos into folders for each year, and within each year I have several subfolders with photos. If I included all these folders, with all these photos, in various collections on the dark table wouldn’t that make the program heavier?

Since those is handled via SQLite database you can check the limits of that database on your platform. I doubt you’ll reach the limits.
A more relevant question is: are you able to keep an overview over all those collections since there’s just limited space in the UI.

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If you search the forum, you’ll find people with over 100,000 photos in the database.

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I have 476256 images in darktable, most of it in the last 7 years. It runs fine. The only performance degradation you might notice is when it backs up the database which is 1.25GB, which takes a minute or so.