Is there a place where newer Windows builds can be found?

I had a look at the web page and the git repo but could not find one.

I know this link:
Not sure, if it is the latest, you can get. Seems to be from June.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look there.

@gaaned92 might be around to let us know if this is he most current build or not.

@gaaned92 is away for a few weeks. The build on that site is 3 months old (20 June 2018).

I suspected as much. I suck at building apps for Windows, so I guess I will have to wait. :timer_clock:

hello all! Back from travel.
Let me a few days to build a new version of HDRmerge.


No worry, I hope you enjoyed your travel.

Was it for pleasure or business (or maybe a combination :-S) ?

uploaded at

I travelled with friends during one month in the north of Madagascar. Very interesting but also tiring due to the roads and tracks conditions. Powerty is increasing compared to our last travel 3 years ago.



Madagascar sounds nice. I hope you got good pictures there :smile:


When I open this the about page shows V. 0.5.0 Which happens to be identical to what is shown when I open my already installed version downloaded and installed around a year ago from here: HDRMerge

Are they identical, as the “about” window leads me to believe, or are there actually changes and the “about” info just not updated yet?

I haven’t checked in a while but last time it wasn’t the same. There have also been some commits on a branch and I don’t know whether they have been integrated.

For nightly builds, the only meaningfull information about configuration is provided by the file name, for instance:

Branch: master
tag: continous
64: 64 commits form tag
g1408e42: 1408e42 hash from last commit
release: release build
64: 64 bit windows

The about window informations are not automatically updated with git configuration informations as it is done in Rawtherapee. Same for window title.

As far as I know, cacorrect branch is not merged into master branch.
Thoses branches include last commits.

Would be lovely to have another recent Windows build. There are several known issues which may be fixed in the meantime (e.g. the broken JPEG preview in the DNG due to upgrading Qt from v4 to v5).

uploaded at
HDRMergeNightlyBuilds/ –

It’s the last version I found.
Edited, thanks @LigH-de

Almost: HDRMergeNightlyBuilds/ – (“Merge” was missing in the URL)

Thank you!

PS: Unfortunately, this build does not yet contain the fix for the broken JPEG preview in the DNG. The output seems to be identical with continuous-64.

I will recheck in the HDRmerge repo if I find newer commit, but I doubt.

have you a link describing the fix or the issue?

This one?

SHA-1: 6c892cbb3ae2f7176d72ab3ee7cab42d711285ec

  • Fix wrong format “JPEG” for writing the preview.

The commit is included in

@LigH-de Are you sure you downloaded the build identified just above?

@heckflosse If it is a v0.6 version, why it is identified v0.5 in the window banner? If it is a stable version, could it be tagged 0.6 or if you prefer v0.6?