Is there a "waiting/working" symbol/icon in RT?


(John) #1

Brand-new RT user here. I know that some processes, especially those under the “detail” tab, can take some time to complete. I’ve been playing with some of those, such as deconvolution, and sometimes when I make an adjustment it seems like it has no effect. At those times I don’t know whether RT is in the process of doing what I want, or if what I did simply had no noticeable effect. Is there a way to tell if RT is “in progress”, like an hourglass, or spinning icon?




(John) #3

Well, I thought that was it, because I thought I saw it blue one time, but it hasn’t done it since then so I thought I was wrong.
Thanks for the info.

(Ingo Weyrich) #4

There are some tools, which’s effect is not shown below 100% preview. Sharpening is one of them.

(John) #5

Thanks for the reminder.