Is there a wider full RAW view?

This image from Play Raw

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DSC_0101.NEF (9.3 MB)

is of a bottle, when rotated (-2.5º) or transformed with perspective the top of the bottle disappears from the RT frame and is gone.

This image also from Play Raw _1080087.RW2 (22.5 MB) where there is a lot of in camera cropping looks like this in darktable when the lens correction is turned off

compared to this in rawtherapee

it’s a manufacturer supplied lens hood (not asking for a lens profile) where at the widest end, minimum focus the image embedded in the RAW crops the hood, but because RT has no ability to work outside it’s viewport (afaik) one can’t crop like the embedded only from the viewport downwards.

Do you have this setting turned off?



Have a look at the Profiled Lens Correction section, which is part of Transform.

Is the option set to None? If it is you will see the full RAW, if not parts will be cropped.


Yep, turning off both auto-fill and the lens profile got to the full view of the raw after having turning off cropping as it appears the rotation of the bottle enabled autocrop.


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