Is there any node that leaves only certain color in Natron?

(Sus Unn) #1

I’m wondering If there is a node that erase everything else but certain color in Natron.
I think I knew this but forgot about it somehow.

(Omar Brown) #2

You can use the HSVTool as color and selection keyer and invert the alpha to use as a hue adjustment.

(Sus Unn) #4

How can I invert alpha? I can’t find any way to do that.

(Frédéric Devernay) #5

the node name is Invert, and check only the A channel. Be careful when inverting alpha: the image must not be premultiplied.


The most helpful and versatile node I found for this kind of operation is Shuffle node.


Also “ColorSupress” is the node if you are looking for suppressing certain colors. I mix it with shuffle for more complicated tasks like sincity effects or so.

(Sus Unn) #8

I don’t want color supressed because I’m not doing VFX comp, but thanks anyway.
I’m doing Natron for 2d animation. Seperating specific color and applying FX to it and compositing it back later is a trick used in many 2d animation compositing. (This is possible because colors are not AAd)