Issue with raw-Files from Fuji X-E4

In some cases raw files (e.g. DSCF0xyz.RAF) from a Fuji X-E4 are not opened completely. Rawtherapee 5.10 only displays the top 1000 or so lines. Strangely, this only happens when the photos are taken in continuous shooting mode at 8 shots per second or faster.


It might help if you could share one of the offending files that will not open correctly.

Burst/continuous (i.e. “sport finder”) mode files on Fujifilm cameras w/ X-Trans 3 and later have a different size (1.25-1.29x crop) and are not like the full frame still raws. That might not be accounted for in RT…?

See also Fujifilm X-T3 RAF file cropped

P.S. We had a related issue in darktable recently.

With a Fujifilm X-E4 continous shooting without cropping is possible up to 20 pictures/second.

Please find attached one file where the described issue can be reproduced with.

DSCF0318.RAF (56.4 MB)

Can anybody confirm the described issue or is more information necessary?

Yes, I do. In ExifToolGUI I see this thumbnail

in RT I see this thumbnail

FastImageViewer and XnViewMP both show the correct embedded JPEG