I've just published and released a photo-book, made entirely with FOSS

Designed in Scribus, with photos all edited and processed in RawTherapee and Gimp, all running on Arch Linux.

By the grace of God my photo book is now released. It’s called În loc de o mie de cuvinte which translates to Instead of a Thousand Words.

It’s an improved version of the book I’m talking about here . Some of the images in there didn’t make it in this version, while others that weren’t in it were added. So take a peek at the video to get an idea about what it’s all about.

It’s a 200x200mm softcover (300g/m² cover) with 100 pages of black and white photography, of the street, humanist and documentary variety, what the cool kids call street photography these days. It’s printed on 150g/m² paper.

It’s released as an intentionally limited series of 33 copies. The first 11 copies cost €15 (sold out), the following 11 copies will cost €20 (5 still available), while the last 11 will cost €25. Will post worldwide, but the shipping cost is not included.

In order purchase a copy I will require payment in full and in advance either via revolut, paypal, or bank transfer in my account. Just write to me privately to see what works best.


Found a way to ship to the US that doesn’t cost more than the book itself? :smiley:

Good to see you got the initial publisher issues sorted out :+1:

Can’t wait to find my ordered copy in the mail!

Sadly, no. About €25-30 is the cheapest available option… It is over-seas shipping, after all.

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Print-on-demand service I used had printers in Europe and USA, so that helped with shipping expenses.

I understand but that is otherwise generally nore expensive.

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I may have found a solution for US (and otherwise worldwide) shipping that shouldn’t cost more than about €5-8. I’ll come back to this thread and let you know if it ends up working out.


Please do! That is extremely reasonable.

Right. Shipping to the US is either €13 for an envelope with aknowledgment of receipt, or €7 otherwise. Do keep in mind there may be import charges upon receipt and I have no way of knowing whether or not it is the case, or how much they might amount to as it is entirely up to the legislators in the US.

This is generally the case for all non-EU countries as far as pricing and regulations go.

Things are much simpler for EU countries.


How do you take payment?

I’d rather take either revolut or direct bank transfers. I can also do paypal, but in that case I’d prefer a “friends and family” transfer as to avoid fees.

I’ve glued payment in the form of Spanish bullion to the back of a mule, pointed him in your general direction, and slapped his butt. Expect him to arrive in 1-6 years. He’s a pretty smart mule so maybe closer to 1 year. Simply glue the book to the mule, turn him around, and send him back. Thanks.

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I doubt there will be any copies left by the time your mule gets here.

Look what arrived today:

Nice book, both quality and content, definitely worth it!