Japanese Language File for ART 1.9.3

Hi, everyone!

I made Japanese language file for ART 1.9.3.
If you are interested in it, please use it freely.
ART_Japanese.zip (34.6 KB)


Thanks! Would you be able to also maintain it by updating the translation for future versions? (Usually this is not much work)

Of course, yes.

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great! I’ve just added it, thanks!

Btw @yasuo, I usually post translation strings that need to be updated for new versions on this page.

Thank you for your information!

Hello @agriggio, if you put @yasuo on the mailing list with the new translations, he doesn’t have to check that page manually.

@yasuo, translators (like me) receive every now and then a mail with some new strings that need to be translated. Once the main translation is done, like you did, those little updates will cost you very little time.

I’m eager to see Art in Japanese!!

No need for me to do anything… whoever is interested can log in to bitbucket and subscribe by clicking “Watch this issue”:

Thank you. I subscribed the issue page.