Just a reminder: donate old laptops to schools or families

Homeschooling is not easy for kids, but it is impossible for kids in not so fortunate families. I just learned that a family here in my village has four kids but only one PC.

Even if you are not hunting the latest gear all the time and use your hardware for years and years, you might have that 2012 i5 laptop with 8 GB lying around somewhere. You could get 30 to 50€ for it on Ebay - or help a kid follow classes again.

I just gave seven laptops (from my family and two neighbors) to the local school. Maybe you find one, too. It’s good for the karma and all ;o)


Perhaps ask the school district’s technology department (not the teachers or administrators) first. I work for a school board. Unless the technology is specifically requested to address a need, it just ends up in our recycle bin (it’s cheaper to pay someone to haul it away than it is to refurbish it ourselves.)