Keyboard shortcut for view rejected/all

in my workflow using darktable I take a first look at new photos and select really bad ones as “rejected”. Next in Lighttable I select view->rejected and delete the shown ones. Then again I slect view->all to view the remaining photos.
What I am looking for is a way in Lighttable to select “rejected” photos by a keyboard shortcut as well as view->all.

However I was unable to find any way to define shortcuts for the view menu containing the menu entries “rejected” and “all” ? And far as the help menu for shortcuts (h-key) is concerned there seems to be no predefined shortcuts for these menu entries.

Can I create one, and if, how?


I don’t think you can do this at the moment using what darktable offers out-of-the-box.

You might consider filing a Feature Request on GitHub to extend the preferences->shortcut section to include the view options.

Or, but I’m not sure if this an option for you, you can create a LUA script to do this. I did a quick search and there isn’t one as of yet though so you need to create one yourself or get somebody to do it for you.

Before you ask me: Nope, I’m not at all familiar with LUA…

Thanks for the answer. I guess I’ll take the feature request way. I am also completely unfamiliar wit lua …

@Jade_NL if you would like to ping me on Lua stuff, feel free :smiley:

All the pieces are there to do it with a lua-script. Let me see what I can do…


I’ll keep that in mind. Much appreciated!

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Here’s a lua script that will let you assign shortcuts to all of the ratings (635 Bytes)