Kodak KC2 files

Kodak KC2 files will not open.

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Hi @geckerdt, and welcome!

a) Will not open? Where? I.e. piece of software?
b) Operating system?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Upload some files.


Thank you for the help. # files on Google Drive per the link above.

Will not open? Where? In what piece of software?
Operating system?
Please upload your files to a place where your potential helpers can fetch them without having to enter some unknown credentials…

Share Google drive. Now it is private.

Unless you tell us what software you are using, no one will be able to help.

Darktable? RawTherapee? ART? PhotoFlow? Something else?

The version of the software would also be important (for example, darktable 4.2.1 or RawTherapee 5.9).

Also, what camera produced the files? The file extension may not be enough.

@geckerdt, you can post the file here, use the upload button in the editor toobar or just drag the file from your file explorer to the edit window.


I’d never come across a KC2 file before - did a search and found this page KC2 File Extension - What is a .kc2 file and how do I open it?
Looks like it might be from a 1992 camera, the Kodak DCS200! Might be pushing the limits of backwards compatibility :no_mouth:
A bit like this:

image from Wikipedia -Kodak DCS - Wikipedia

Darktable ? That’s all the information you can provide? You can’t share the OS? The version of darktable?

If it really is the DCS200 that @123sg found, I’m afraid it’s not supported. See the list of supported cameras here:

If you read the page, you’ll find what is needed to add support.

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That said, if you can convert the image to DNG (for example, using Adobe’s tools), you may be able to open it.


It seems dcraw can decode KC2 files DCS 200 TWAIN driver and KC2 converter - Vintage DSLR forum
Then also RawTherapee should be able.

Also, please upload samples to https://raw.pixls.us/ and follow Camera support · darktable-org/darktable Wiki · GitHub

Edit: sorry about the confusion, the question below is due to my stupidity / carelessness. Please disregard.

You said you used darktable. Now you say RawTherapee.
So the software is not important, as long as it can open the file?

I am not the OP and I don’t own that Kodak camera.

But I own two newer ones, Canon DCS 3c and Kodak DCS 520 Kodak DCS 520c, issues with ISO · Issue #311 · darktable-org/rawspeed · GitHub

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Don’t know how software got changed! We have Dark Table (and Adobe). Would be able to change software as long as not too expensive. These are personal photos.

You can upload one raw sample here in this forum so that we all can try right now and upload one raw sample at raw.pixls.us to get future support.

Ah sorry, I was in a hurry, and did not realise it was not you who mentioned RawTherapee.

Note that neither darktable nor RawTherapee cost any money at all. They (and the others around which the community is organised) are free, open-source applications.

Have you perhaps tried RawTherapee, as @Peter suggested? It’s available at rawtherapee.com.