Krita got Epic megagrant

Can GIMP developers get it too?


No bad, but you have to count in 0.025$ units to call it mega…

Maybe it’s the sum of all the grants? Still, I like the ambiguity of the term “epic mega grant”.

I misread the title, thought it was “mega-rant”…

Well, money is better than scorn… :smile:


Hello @Hover

Can GIMP developers get it too?

They did, through a different donour though, with much more money :slight_smile:

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Epic is the name of the company… Megagrant is the name of the money they’re giving away. Pretty sure it is just some marketing fluff for a name, as per usual.

That’s what I meant with ambiguity. It seems I have a different sense of humour …

Edit: Of course it is natural and obvious for this company to name their grant epic and play with this ambiguity – for marketing purposes. Still it made me smile. I have a simple mind …

Natron is also in need for such grants.


Most likely a reference to their company’s previous full name - prior to 1999 they were Epic MegaGames