Krita Team Interview

I don’t know where @prokoudine finds the time, but he’s published a first episode of a podcast where he sits down with the Krita team to discuss things!


Hello everyone,

And if you also wish to do some reading…:

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As @prokoudine fleshes this out, perhaps we can assist?

I’ve thought of doing a podcast just for news and stuff, but I don’t have the skills.

I also have this sweet California accent. Just sayin.

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I have just a few vague ideas what I could do there beyond the first episode and I’m definitely open for more ideas.


There is no trick. Everything comes at the expense of sleep or training or something else.

Given how much time I spend at work, I only manage to get anything done with LGW because I cut down my time on forums etc. Spending no more than 15 minutes a week on Reddit and not participating in stupid confrontations helps a lot :slight_smile:


RE: our meeting at LGM with everyone - I’ve got some ideas around this and hopefully it will all tie into a bigger picture to alleviate some of that time and still be able to report and create more content around Libre Graphics. I’ll be in touch when I clear some stuff off my plate (with everyone)!

I still need those updates from LGM as well! :wink: