large pano testing the limits of my kit (& patience)....

Hi all,
Using MS ICE to stitch a 104 image pano, I know - haven’t much going on.
1 Have ICE output a 50% compressed tiff (186000kb), bring that into DT, retouch the odd glitch, fix the colour gradient then export as jpeg. All well & good, though still 16000kb
2 Output uncompressed tiff (528000kb) - fix - export and 20 mins of huffing & puffing later I get a completely black jpeg (3000kb)

Question is, should I be happy with what I got and move on or is there more to be wrung out of the kit?

The pano

uncompressed tiff details

pc spec

DT prefs

DT backtrace after the crash
darktable_bt_YR7R60.txt (17.3 KB)

Did you start from raw files or jpegs?

raws into ice

Just my 2 cents, but how big do you plan on printing that image? I think you might want to consider calculating the physical size of the print (or screen image), and scaling the assembly down to a more appropriate size.

A good rule of thumb for print size is 150 dpi at those scales.

I know nothing of ICE and we don’t really support it here because its source is closed, but your sky is strange looking and has some weird tints to it. You might want to try processing in dt first, then stitching.

hi, no plans on printing more interested in seeing how big i can go

Looks like you’ve passed it. Maybe cut it in half and try again?

hi, no problems with stitching in ice or editing large files in DT - issue is having DT export such a large tiff.
looking like whatever pixel size that 50% tiff is is my upper limit and so will aim for that in future

You should open htop or Task Manager or what have you and keep an eye on available RAM. Your input file size is huge.

49551 *10778 *4 (rgba) *4 bytes (in a float32) → 8.5 gb for a single buffer. Given that more often than not you’ll have at least an input and an output buffer I’m not surprised that this doesn’t work out with just 16 gb of ram.

Thanks, the numbers never lie. So now i know my upper limits - gotta know your limitations