Last call for color-target shots for inclusion in RawTherapee 5

(Morgan Hardwood) #81

Shots from the Lumix ZS100 would be welcome, we already have shots from the 6D.

(ribin3d) #82

I can’t find the link to download shots for 6D.
I need it to use for my old photos.

(Morgan Hardwood) #83

The DCP is included in RawTherapee:

(ribin3d) #84

I will check tonight. Kind of new stuff for me. Thanks.

(Philip B) #85

Coming right up…got the daylight just need to set up the tungsten.

(Philip B) #86

Sorry this took so long…

Please let me know if these are suitable…

D800e Tung.NEF (39.1 MB)
D800e out door.NEF (47.9 MB)

(Morgan Hardwood) #88

@PhilipB thank you, but we already have D800E shots from @PanoMeister
By the way, there is plastic covering part of your target:

The shots are otherwise good. I made a DCP ( ) and compared it to the one I made using @PanoMeister’s shots, and they’re almost identical.


Good to hear!
Otherwise, there would be something wrong with either the shots, the ColorChecker passport and/or the lighting conditions…:wink:

(Morgan Hardwood) #90

@PanoMeister exactly, I was a bit worried that your tungsten shot had stray daylight leaking in due to a faint blue cast on the right side of the background and the blue cast of the shadow under the target:

It seems that’s not the case since the DCPs match, but still, could you confirm that there was no daylight (or any other light) leaking in?


These tungsten shots were taken after 20:00h in my (almost) dark attic.
So hardly any daylight coming in from the sole roof window.
Only about a metre to right, there is a small blue(ish) painted metal cabinet with DIY parts.
Maybe that’s the blue cast you were seeing?