(latest dev branch 2022-04-24) log encoding not doing anything?

I’ve played around with Log Encoding before, when it was in one of the experimental branches.

I’ve now checked out the latest dev branch and built it (Windows).

The latest commit I have is this one:

commit b989c271d8c66d137e62301fe0bf25e187ef9830 (HEAD -> dev, origin/dev, origin/HEAD)
Author: Desmis <jdesmis@gmail.com>
Date:   Mon Apr 18 13:01:10 2022 +0200

    Fixed bug bad behavior Log encoding issue 6459

But if I enable Log Encoding in the Local Adjustment tab with a single spot ‘full image’, but nothing appears to be happening? Whatever slider I adjust, nothing changes. If I click the ‘preview AE’ button, I see nothing (where I see the green tint with other spot tools).

Am I doing something wrong?

This (another) bug is fixed here, in the Pull Request

In fact it works, but suppose mask is enable…Solution with PR.



Compiling dev with lalogencode merged in seems to work fine indeed.

Does it take long for stuff to end up in dev, or anything I can do?

RT devs are usually quick to action. If you want to help, do frequent GH and report and help squash bugs.


Thank you for testing :slight_smile:

To merge a pull-request is very fast…

is there anyone else who can test? @marter001 @Lawrence37

Thank you



  • I can reproduce the faulty behaviour as described above on Linux.
  • After merging #6465 the issue is no longer reproducible and the effect of this tool is immediately visible when enabled, all sliders work and the Preview ΔE functionality also works again.


Thank you :slight_smile:

ahem, sorry for being stupid…

How can i test a pull request? on github i still find this version:

Version: 5.8-3090-gb989c271d
Branch: dev
Commit: b989c271d
Commit date: 2022-04-18

No this commit b989c27 is “dev”

The Pull request is in the branch “lalogencode”

If you can compile
git checkout lalogencode
git pull

The commit is 8802ee2

Either, on the main page Github go to

An choose directly the build (windows, linuux, mac) you want (of course with the branch lalogencode
The one marked with “pull request 6465”


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@jdc thanks for the explanation. i found and tested it and it worked fine.

Pull request merged :slight_smile: