Latest python scripts additions

  • Tools/Roto:

fullCircle :

fullEllipse :

fullSquare :

roundedSquare :

fullRectangle :

roundedRectangle :

leftTriangle :

rightTriangle :

topTriangle :

bottomTriangle :

These scripts aim to provide basic default roto shapes, pretty much like what you have in After Effects.

  • Tools/Other:

Blending mode+
Blending mode-

These 2 scripts allow you to cycle through Merge blending modes using up and down arrow keys.

  • Render:

Background render :
Renders current comp in background mode while allowing you to still continue to work on it.

  • Edit:

Connect nodes
Connects nodes to another one in the Node Graph.

Force caching
Enable/disable force caching for selected nodes.

Select similar
All nodes of the selected type will be selected in the Node Graph.

Invert selection
Invert selection in the Node Graph.

Remove input
Disconnect nodes input in the Node Graph.