Latest version 9/17/2023

Hi guys (and gals). I recently downloaded your latest version (9/17/2023) and immediately went back to the previous version. Your latest version looks great however you have to do a rather significant amount of downloads and configuring to achieve full functionality. I processed my photos including all of the calibration frames and after opening the results, all that was showing were the stars. Obviously, this was after stretching the image. I processed the Veil Nebula and absolutely none of the nebula was visible. I reprocessed the same files with your earlier version and everything came out fine. Is there anyway you guys and include the required scripts to obtain full functionality?

Scripts inside the new version are strictly the same. I don’t see what could be your issue (with no more information, difficult to guess: How to report issues — Siril 1.2.0 documentation). The stable version is just a bug fix release. Nothing more.

Sorry, that was my error in processing. I didn’t clean up the calibration files before I used them again. It works as great as usual. Keep up the good work.