Launch and image load - in-progress indicator would be nice

When I launch RT 5.9, it takes awhile for the window to load. Same thing when I choose an image to load. The delay, around 23 seconds, is no problem, but it would be nice if the program immediately threw a spinning wheel or something onto the Windows desktop.

(I work from a work folder which never have more than three or four images, although the folder does have substantial subfolders of .dcp files and other resources.)


Operating system?

Processor Intel(R) Core™ i5-3450 CPU @ 3.10GHz 3.10 GHz
Installed RAM 16.0 GB
Windows 10 Home, Version 22H2
OS build 19045.2364

As far as I know, this is only an issue on Windows. And 23 seconds is quite extreme… are you loading a big folder to start with?
I agree that a splash window or some other indicator would be good.

Currently, there are 1095 files in 27 folders. As I mentioned, all but three or four of the files are in the subfolders. The subfolders contain resource files, not image files.

FWIW, on my 8 core AMD Ryzen 5600 laptop with SSD and 16 GB RAM, under Windows 11, RT 5.9 just took 17 seconds to start, reading a single folder with twenty-six 24mp CR3s (no subfolders). Not super slow, but not too quick. A splash screen or some kind of activity indicator would be nice.


The indicator is located at the left border and showing well the percentage of progress. Both, for reading the actual folder and showing the progress of exporting an edit…

@RTCharles: did you already try to run RT under “ultimate mode”? This would speed up a lot of functions in the pipeline.
(Its been discussed here: CPU and memory for winndows 11 - #8 by stuntflyer)

Edit: deleted one word

Yes, there is a progress indicator on the left border of the RT window - thank you Marter. Still, when launching RT, its window takes a long time to appear.

I’ll be on Windows 10 Home edition as long as possible.

Thats why i proposed to try the “ultimate mode in Win10”, to speed up RT.