Lavender with a bee, at 20:00

Hi there,
Usually, right after poppies come lavender bushes :slight_smile:
I’m lucky if I’m quick enough to get a bee in the frame.

Have fun.
D75_6575.NEF (27.5 MB)

(processed in RT)

This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.
Some details: taken 2hrs before sunset, on a sunny day (early July), behind a hill → no direct sunlight.


Here’s mine done in darktable. I reused a preset I’d created for a similar set of bee photos I took last year. I used some masked contrast enhancement to highlight details, and cropped in quite significantly. Great shot, thanks for sharing!
D75_6575.NEF.xmp (35.4 KB)


D75_6575.NEF.xmp (21,4 KB)

maybe better presented in a cinematic frame? Not sure about that, I usually don’t like frames on digital pictures.

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My version…

D75_6575.NEF.xmp (22,0 KB)


D75_6575.NEF.xmp (17,1 KB)

My take, edited in dt 4.8, I’m still trying to find my way through the modules and hopefully come up with a workflow.

Btw, I created some masks, isolated the bee from the lavender and created two colour zones instances to play with the colours independently.
I denoised with “diffuse or sharpen” instead of the “denoise (profiled)” because it looked like it was creating dithering patterns instead of being a smooth transition.

I then switched demosaic from RCD to RCD+VNG4 because the former had some harsh artefacts when pixel-peeping the smooth gradients.
On further inspection I thought I made an error because perceived saturation is higher to me on RCD, but a quick snapshot test let me realise that it’s because there’s more colour noise which portrays (or at least gives the illusion of) a more vibrant tone in the lavender.
I’d still choose the demosaic mix, though.

RCD+VNG4 at 100%RCD at 100%
RCD+VNG4 on the left, RCD on the right


Round 2…

D75_6575_01.NEF.xmp (18,5 KB)


dt 4.8.0

D75_6575.NEF.xmp (8.2 KB)

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