Lens Correction went missing

Hi Champs,
I built DT from source 2-3 weeks ago and it seems my previously detected lens is now missing in the correction table. It is detected as Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 APO EX HSM, the closest I have in the lens correction selection is EX DG OS HSM.
The camera (EOS RP) has never been there but I assume that a three year old camera should be possible to get up and running.

What can I do to get the housing and the lens identified?

Start by uploading a raw sample.

Have you tried running the command update‑lensfun‑data in the terminal?

Ok, need to clone and build the lensfun DB. the update-lensfun-data is not to be found.

Be sure to take the 0.3.2 lensfun release.


Try lensfun-update-data

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git clone of the lensfun repo, make install et voilá, I have both devices AND the lensfun-update-data script.
Thanks a bunch!