Lens model in image info line


Right now I’m using the following pattern for the image info line placed under the image in the darkroom interface:


Actually I’d love to also have the lens model shown here when the data is available but I couldn’t find any suitable predefined variable to achieve that (I tried with EXIF_LENS to no avail). Is it possible? If not, could it be added for a next patch / minor release?

Thank you!

I have the same request. tried many settings, no luck.
I own several lenses with overlapping focal lenghts and it could be useful to see which one I was using for a specific picture

How about LensMake and LensModel as noted here: https://www.exiv2.org/tags.html

DT already knows the lens model (it’s shown in the image information module and it’s used for lens corrections) but as far as I understand the pattern string only supports for expansion certain predefined variables populated in variables.c and there’s nothing about the lens model there, so I guess what’s really needed is defining a new variable, something like $(LENS_MODEL), populated with the corresponding value.


Thank you for mentioning the variables.c file. I’ve managed to find the opencl activated variable which means I can show it in the image info line.


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Looks like they heard my request as they added the $(LENS) variable in Darktable 3.2.1 :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!

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