Lens profile default?

I photograph 99% of the time with the same lens which is a Sigma 17-70mm f / 2.8-4 C DC OS HSM. I have downloaded this lens profile from the Adobe website. Is it possible to make this the default profile which program always chooses? It is now tedious to choose a profile for each image to be processed.

@Vike, I’m not going to be any help with Rawtherapee behavior, but I’m curious, what compels you to have to manually specify a lens? I’m collecting use cases for lens identification, thinking through how that might be more effectively done in softwares…

Widescreen lenses can cause barrel distortions. This lens profile corrects these distortions, especially at less than 20 focal lengths. The program cannot detect this lens automatically and when I put a profile on it it clearly modifies the structure of the image.

Probably didn’t phrase my question correctly, I get why you need to do the correction, I’m trying to figure out how to support cases where users use lenses that the camera doesn’t comprehend. Right now, all the bits and pieces of the softwares and libraries try hard to figure out what lens supported the camera in making the image, but they don’t handle well your particular case, where you’ve manually selected a lens and you don’t want to keep doing that every time.

If you don’t mind, I’m curious about your camera make/model so I can consider that camera/lens combination in figuring out this conundrum. Also it might give me a clue about what you can do with RawTherapee; reading the documentation, there’s a way to specify your own matching profile, but it still requires information from the camera.

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@Vike, you just have to create a profile in Rawtherapee, by doing CTRL + CLICK on the icon that goes well at the top right in the editor.
Only the optical correction must be selected.
In Rawtherapee, if dynamic profiles are used. You must add this profile, leaving everything by default. This profile will therefore be applied to all the next open images. Attention whatever the case used.

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My camera is Nikon D3300.

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