Lensfun data base

Where does this information come from on the Sigma 24-105 lens knowing that it is not in the lensfun data base ?
Any idea ?


well, your screenshot shows the contrary… it apparently is in the database :slight_smile:

Yes I was looking carefully and I saw it in : ART 1.10.1-linux64/share/lensfun.
So your lensfun version is far more up to date than the /usr/share/lensfun/version_1
Thanks Alberto

It seems to be a little more complicated than expected, it is in lensfun/version_1, but not display as shown here on my laptop

But it works on my main desktop !

Confirmed, if I erase the slr-sigma.xml (version_1) by the one from your lensfun directory, it works now.

Did you update your lensfun-db recently?
A sudo lensfun-update-data should do the trick.

Yes, it is in var/lib/…
its the same version of that ART 1.10.1