Lensfun info and GTK scrolling issue

ART 1.8 on Debian 10. As we know there is an issue with some versions of gtk and scrolling lists. The only point where this causes me maximum pain in ART is that I cannot select my lens from the long list of Canon optics because of the gtk bug. Nothing I can do about that except use the appimage - which I do not really want to do.

So I figured that if ART uses Lensfun all I need to do is remove everything else from Lensfun data that I don’t need. This I have done with no effect. Even if I remove the data file completely from /usr/share/lensfun/version_1/ I still get the same long lists in ART Lens correction. This makes no sense unless ART is using something else?

I have tried with the revised - smaller - xml file in my ~/.local…/lensfun and nothing in the /usr/…/lensfun location. Still get long lists of all cameras all lenses.

I have tried removing .cache and .config ART files - still no joy.

Can anyone throw me even a small bone to try and take this a bit further? I’m sure it must be possible.

Iirc lensfun stores its db updates also in /var/something. Maybe that’s the problem here


Deleted the updates from /var/lib/ all now OK.

I’ll check the values against the original but for my modest crop of
glass I doubt there’s any difference

Sorted - many thanks


Just make some partial profiles for your lenses and match them automatically when you open an image. Then there is no need to mess about with lensfun files.

This is true, but by tweaking the lensfun data I can see all my lensfun
entries in other software that uses it.


I think I I had the same problem (I am also using Debain 10) and after applying
@agriggio suggestion (from an old post)

  1. locate your options file (in $HOME/.config/ART/options)
  2. Add the following (or replace the entry if it is already there):

the lenses are chosen automatically and I do not have to select from the list any longer.

May-be it helps

Ah - I wondered where that was set!

Sadly, I have to be able to pick the lens manually as for some reason my
Canon 20D does not record later Lens ID values correctly in the EXIF

I just get:-
Lens ID Unknown 18-55mm

That results in a nonsense value in the Lens section of the Corrections
module - hence the need to pick the lens manually.

I don’t think it’s a firmware issue as such. In any case it’s on the
last but one update (2.0.2).

However your information does make it easier to keep the database
portable as I’ve dropped the revised version into
~/.local…/version_1/ so it’s easier to get to if needed for
re-install etc.