Lensfun version RT 5.8

Does 5.8 have the latest version?

I believe the appimage has version 0.3.2, as does the flatpak. That is the latest working version.

How would I go about installing the latest version on my Win 10 computer?

On windows the version is bundled into the build. Perhaps @heckflosse knows the bundled version.

Sure, will wait to here from him. Is there documentation on updating to a newer version?

You can read more about it here: http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Lens/Geometry

You can also use an LCP file if you have one for your lens.

I am using dynamic profiles with Automatic lensfun or LCP files depending on the availabilty of lens fun data. That works pretty well… RT is simply the best :slight_smile:

What is automatic lensfun. Is that a setting?

For my own RT or ART Windows builds ( https://keybase.pub/gaaned92/), I use lensfun master v0.3.95-517-g609148cc that I build myself. It is a recent version.
Regretfully, surely due to lack of dev, there is no stable version tagged.

@stuntflyer Do you mean a recent version of the lensfun binary or a recent version of the lensfun data base ?

I think that for now I will leave things as they are. It’s getting complicated. I am hoping that it won’t be too long that the Nikon Z lenses will be added to an RT build. Only the 24-70-Z for now.

@gaaned92 I’ve been told 0.3.95 doesn’t work and should not be used.

@stuntflyer Yes, it is one option in the Transform --> Profiled Lens Correction settings: “automatically selected”…

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If you speak about the version tagged v0.3.95 that’s true, but I am 517 commits after :crazy_face: . But as it is not a stable version I cannot be quite sure it works ok in all situations.
v0.3.95 tagged version was kind of stable version but was buggy. After that it seems that there is no objective to issue a stable version (a v0.4 or a v1.0).
In MSYS2 the Lensfun version is 0.3.95-2. It doesnt work and I have no idea what the -2 means (what is the related git commit)

@stuntflyer you are right, decoding lens name from photo and searching it in lensfun DB is a tricky process due to the way lens names are coded in metadata.
In order I can try to help you, could you indicate from where you downloaded your RT version?

If by “RT version” you mean RT then I downloaded it from here. .


The lensfun DB shipped with RT 5.8 is not up to date.

Two possibilities:

Is there a list of the supported Nikon lenses with the updated version?

Can the zip file be in a folder that I can open like winzip or winrar?

you will have to ceck inside the nikon xml file

it’s in 7zip format. I repack in zip format. done

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Thanks! I got it