LGM 2020 / darktable

I plan to attend LGM 2020 in Rennes. I have 2 subjects in mind to propose :

  1. one talk about designing workflows rather than software (about the scene-linear things, but also the multi-software wiring to close the gap between painting / photography / video by enabling a streamlined workflow through different pieces of FOSS) — not actually sure how to put that together, but it’s been on my mind for a couple of months,
  2. one workshop about “efficient darktable” : better visual results in less time because computers suck and the only pleasure of photography is capturing moments, not post-processing sh*t (take it from someone who swore to not become a computer scientist… and here we are).

Do you have requests/ideas/thoughts ?

Also, who will be there ? @hanatos, @houz, @Pascal_Obry, @rawfiner, @Nilvus, @darix, @asn (maybe not, I guess, with a brand-new mini-human), @betazoid, Pascal de Bruijn (he is not here ?) …

Also, I would very much like to have “speed-dating” sessions with darktable users/artists to learn more about their use cases, needs, frustrations and limitations while using the soft.


more than 50 % likelyhood that I will be there, though not mentioned :wink:


Komm mal her ! Wir haben Beer. :stuck_out_tongue:


What an honor to be mentioned here! Although…?

Fixing all your bugs will be faster in person :wink:


Oh wow, LGM 2020 will be held in Rennes? That’s where I did my PhD about 15 years ago. Such a great city.
If you guys like beer and memorable moments, go to the so-called “Rue de la Soif” (i.e. “Thirst Street”, but its real name is “Rue Saint-Michel”). You’ll find many small bars and some pubs there.
Have fun!

I will be there :slight_smile:

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I’ve already planned to go to LGM, but then they announced the date and it is exactly the same week as the SambaXP conference. SambaXP has the priority, sorry.

What about @Tatica?

I will very probably be there. I submitted a proposal for a workshop about editing landscapes. It will be part 2 of the workshop that I hosted last year, with different photos and different editing techniques. But even if there is no interest in my workshop, I am considering to spend my holidays in Britanny. I want to visit the Cap Fréhel (for taking photos) and the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

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I’ll not make it to the LGM this year.

I will be in Rennes in May to see family and friends there (that just city where I was born). But actually it’s planned the previous week. I’m not sure by now if I could make some moves to go to LGM but if I can it will be with pleasure but a short time for sure.

I like a lot the subject 2 : spend less time on computer. And for that, all ideas, possibilities to improve darktable performances and speed will be greatly appreciated. Some recent moves on that are already greatly appreciated.

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