LGM 2020 / darktable

I plan to attend LGM 2020 in Rennes. I have 2 subjects in mind to propose :

  1. one talk about designing workflows rather than software (about the scene-linear things, but also the multi-software wiring to close the gap between painting / photography / video by enabling a streamlined workflow through different pieces of FOSS) — not actually sure how to put that together, but it’s been on my mind for a couple of months,
  2. one workshop about “efficient darktable” : better visual results in less time because computers suck and the only pleasure of photography is capturing moments, not post-processing sh*t (take it from someone who swore to not become a computer scientist… and here we are).

Do you have requests/ideas/thoughts ?

Also, who will be there ? @hanatos, @houz, @Pascal_Obry, @rawfiner, @Nilvus, @darix, @asn (maybe not, I guess, with a brand-new mini-human), @betazoid, Pascal de Bruijn (he is not here ?) …

Also, I would very much like to have “speed-dating” sessions with darktable users/artists to learn more about their use cases, needs, frustrations and limitations while using the soft.


more than 50 % likelyhood that I will be there, though not mentioned :wink:


Komm mal her ! Wir haben Beer. :stuck_out_tongue:


What an honor to be mentioned here! Although…?

Fixing all your bugs will be faster in person :wink:


Oh wow, LGM 2020 will be held in Rennes? That’s where I did my PhD about 15 years ago. Such a great city.
If you guys like beer and memorable moments, go to the so-called “Rue de la Soif” (i.e. “Thirst Street”, but its real name is “Rue Saint-Michel”). You’ll find many small bars and some pubs there.
Have fun!

I will be there :slight_smile:

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I’ve already planned to go to LGM, but then they announced the date and it is exactly the same week as the SambaXP conference. SambaXP has the priority, sorry.

What about @Tatica?

I will very probably be there. I submitted a proposal for a workshop about editing landscapes. It will be part 2 of the workshop that I hosted last year, with different photos and different editing techniques. But even if there is no interest in my workshop, I am considering to spend my holidays in Britanny. I want to visit the Cap Fréhel (for taking photos) and the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

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I’ll not make it to the LGM this year.

I will be in Rennes in May to see family and friends there (that just city where I was born). But actually it’s planned the previous week. I’m not sure by now if I could make some moves to go to LGM but if I can it will be with pleasure but a short time for sure.

I like a lot the subject 2 : spend less time on computer. And for that, all ideas, possibilities to improve darktable performances and speed will be greatly appreciated. Some recent moves on that are already greatly appreciated.

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Hi guys,

I applied to LGM with a workshop on editing landscapes with darktable. A few weeks ago I agreed to participate in an online LGM because I kind of thought that it would be better than nothing. This morning I got an email from the LGM orga team where they described how the online event could work technically. However, I am a bit disappointed because I would not really be able to interact with the participants, I would not be able to see at least some of the faces or hear your voices, you/they would only be able to write me irc messages. So it would not be a real video conference. Since dialogue, discussion, participation and doing things together is crucial to my method, I now tend to withdraw my offer for the workshop. However I am not 100% sure yet. The truth is, I have 0 experience with something like this and those who met me last year also know that I am not exactly an Ingrid Bergman either.
But if lots of people would like to participate in such a “workshop” and see how I edit my photos, I would consider to give it a try. Here is my 500px-photostream: https://500px.com/betazoid76. Just so you have an idea about my style. Probably I would not edit the exact same photos, there are many more.
Well, the major advantages for me would be: at the moment I actually have time to prepare, although there is not so much time until the end of May any more. I am waiting for feedback to some forthcoming publications of mine and for another publication to review. And it would be an opportunity to re-edit older photos which I always wanted to do.
So, what do you say, what is your opinion? Should I give it a try despite the drawbacks?

Thanks in advance for the feedback


Couldn’t you just send a jitsi-meet link or something similar into the irc to get everyone into a conference call? Zero setup required. Almost every hosting company right now puts a jitsi meet online to help (and advertise, which is totally ok of course), though I guess with some restrictions. I’d just ask any of them if it’s ok to use their service for your workshop and ask about restrictions (and removing them for you) if any.

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Well I just played around a bit with Jitsi Meet but… I have the impression that screen resolution and general image quality/sharpness is not good or reliable enough for a photo editing workshop. Sometimes it’s quite good but sometimes quite blurry.
To be honest I have 0 experience with video conferencing.

You might consider a “follow along” approach, where you post the image you’re going to work, and folks can download it and follow along as you edit, with their own attempt… Then, you’re more dependent on telling them what to do, and less on pointing to it on the screen.

Apparently Jitsi Meet works best with Chrome, image quality is quite usable then.
Well I am still unsure…

If you want to live stream, use OBS to stream and jitsi meet for the audio.

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Definitely a separate solution for streaming your screen. jitsi is to facilitate the collaboration. of course it’s still nowhere close to having people in a single room, but it’s much better than just text based communication.

Thanks for the suggestions and tips.
I have answered the organizers and informed them about my reservations concerning their suggestion.
Well… first, actually I think I’d prefer no live stream but a normal video conference. Second, I think one of the biggest problems is that there is no way of knowing how many people would (like to) participate. Discussion and participation might be a little problem if there are hundreds of participants. Yet discussion with hundreds of people might be better than no discussion at all. Does anybody have experience with something like this?