LGM workshop pictures with Ewa

Want to show a few pictures we shot during the workshops? Why don’t we do it here? Is that OK for everyone?

Please everyone - share yours, too!


Good idea!

I’m on a conference this week, will share mine next week.

What would be great also, would be if you guys share the lighting setup you used during the session.

This will give you a general impression:

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All over the place in the room. And the room was really great.

One of mine:


I love that one!

Is that natural sunlight, shining through the round diffuser?

I call this little box my “make people happy device” :slight_smile:

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Yep, we shot AL. But most of the time the reflectors were used instead of the diffuser. Sunlight was coming through the roof window.

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or using a reflector … depending on the light situation and time of day. in the evening we had to stick more with reflectors

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What printer is that?

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Fuji of course :slight_smile: because it allows me to print directly from my camera.


Here’s one of mines. What I used for this was:

Darktable: Filmic for almost everything - equalizer - fill light - shadows&highlights with a tiny mask on her eyes.

GIMP: some frequency separation minor fixs, and a bit of highlight/shadow manually added with a simple overlay mask at a really low opacity.


Here is one of my shots. Developed in darktable using filmic and the new lut 3D module with Ilford Delta 100.

I’ve used a small amount of dodge and burn to reduce some highlights in the face. I have a preset for this in my magic box. If you burn or dodge is controlled by the EV slider after you’ve drawn the masks using the brush.

magic box_dodge & burn.dtstyle (930 Bytes)


And one in color …

For ISO8000 I think the quality is quite good.

Thanks Stefan for the great workshop!


indirect sun lighting from gold reflector.


Lets keep the flood… color one here.

@beachbum Stefan… you srsly opened my eyes. Thank you so much!


Has anyone shown this thread to Ewa?