LGM workshop pictures with Ewa

I thought this was a p*** workshop (because I visited Stefan’s website)

I’ve wrote her a mail and sent her the link.

I edited this because I thought that the mood was woderful and it was too bad that it was not perfect


Sometimes the best thing you can do is just enjoy the photo that someone posted. Learn from it and think about what would you have done differently without directly expressing that in a picture yourself.

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Scratch the best, then I agree :wink:

@betazoid Removing that balk from her head really improved the result!

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I really like how diverse the images are. Some intimate and dreamy, some more confronting.

This shows two things: we all have a different view through the lens - no two of us are taking the same photo because no two of us have the same view on the model. And it also shows that Ewa is a very talented model and able to respond to different photographers on very short notice.

Let me add a personal “thanxalot” to you all - I m happy and thankful for all participation and positive responses. Keep’em coming.


another one… sorry about the noise :slight_smile:


@Tatica Very nice. Don’t mind the noise.

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you didn’t get the hint above. this is a showcase thread. while I understand the impulse, you don’t have to edit other people’s stuff all the time.


Like said before - the noise doesn’t show too much.

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No problem. I left the comment because I really do like @Tatica’s photo with Ewa, noise and all.

A little dismayed of the criticism though because I don’t think it takes away from the goodness of the work, though of course permission wasn’t given, so I am at fault. :blush: I wish I had the disposable income, health and time to join the event.

Here’s more ;o)


…took me a while even after reading ingo’s comment wtf changed in the image. but i like the result. i suppose more black is better :slight_smile:


perception can be strange. sometimes we do not see certain things because we do not want to see them. I guess it has to do with our subconscious mind.
concerning this photo, I chose the least invasive fix. I did not want to change your work too much and I did not want it to look edited. I did think of carefully removing more of the objects/shapes in the background. today I tried to remove the wall fragment at the right edge, but I was not satisfied with the result, I thought it looked edited. maybe you could do that better than I. the (or at least my) idea would be that the space behind Ewa appears to be infinite, and that she is sinking into the darkness (im Raumdunkel versinken). but I think that would be a significant stylistic change. it’s your photo, you decide how far you want to go.