Libre Arts - Scribus 1.5.6 and beyond

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I think there is definitely still a place for Scribus,yes, although traditional print based publishing might be dwindling, digital publishing still has a large role to play in the disseminating of knowledge. If the Scribus devs can also think about digital publishing that it could be a really interesting libre tool…

I find the recent scribus dev versions have made great leaps and work really well. Besides proper documents its my preferred tool for printing my Rawtherapee developed photos.

Hello @nosle, that’s interesting: you use a DTP tool to print your photos? Why is that better than the regular print way, like in File - Print in Gimp for example?

I find printing from Gimp incredibly cumbersome because it’s a single file workflow. My print selection is always a sub selection of my “export” selection. Scribus gives a great way of visualising , ordering and selecting the files to be printed. Said selection is also a wysiwyg preview of margins etc. The scribus file or a published pdf becomes a record of what I printed and when. You only have to check (double check) your print settings once for a 20 file print. When printing individual files you have to make sure the settings are the same and watch for portrait/landscape orientation depending on file. This means going through the print interface 20x2 times! This is error prone if you’re like me. It’s also costly when mistakes are made.

I’ve also worked a lot with dtp software such as Quark Express and Indesign and I guess I’m at home with the concepts of the workflow.

I do wish Scribus would allow empty image frames with fitting settings on the master page that you can add content to on the normal pages… Ctrl + v works but it’s not as elegant.

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Hello nosle, that makes sense indeed when you print several photos at once. I guess your experience with those other DTP tools is why you prefer Scribus.

For the moment I only print single files at once, so no need for Scribus. But I’ll keep your idea in mind in case I change my workflow.

Exactly I was also thinking the same .