Libre Arts - Sunsetting Libre Graphics World, introducing Libre Arts

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This is fantastic news and I’m glad I was able to help out! A special shoutout to @paperdigits and @darix for stepping up to help out so much. It wouldn’t have been possible without them.

Of course, thank you @prokoudine for continuing to provide a great resource and a one-man show bringing us all news from the Libre Arts world!


Finally we can talk about it!


That’s great! Thanks for your nice work on libregraphicsworld, and I’m very pleased to join this new adventure. Only remark: I’m not a great fan of the font chosen for the theme, personally I find it a bit hard to read. Thanks again and welcom Libre Arts.

Great to read this! When I first read the title I feared you were just going to shut down the site completely. Luckily, that was not the case, and the changes make actually a lot of sense.

I like the structure of the website a lot. I would just improve styling here and there:

  • Not sure about the main font. It makes it look more like a “crafts” or literature website than something related to contemporary digital arts. Maybe try something sans-serif, or just leave serif font for the body/paragraph text?
  • It took me a while to find the search button. I was expecting an icon, or maybe a different location. I think search is an important feature of the website and could be highlighted more, inviting people to discover the immense archive. I love the instant search, BTW!
  • The logo, yeah.

As you can see, these are minor suggestions, and in general I’m very happy with this change. Congrats to you and the Pixls team for this achievement! Keep up the good work.

PS: Ah, yes, here’s one who loves weekly recaps :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yaaay, been followng your blog since 2010, if ever you’re looking for contributers or proof readers :nerd_face:


Here’s a link to the new RSS feed:

The link in the last post of the old RSS feed had a typo.

Someone told me about it a few hours after I posted, so I fixed it immediately, but I’m not sure if the update went live for everyone :slight_smile: Thanks anyway!

Very happy for that Alexander, your work has been amazing for me, thank you! I’m using open source programs for Design since 2013 (mainly Inkscape/Gimp/Scribus and less often Krita/Rawtherapee/Olive among others) if you need some help with writing, tutorials, reviews, etc, let me know.

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Very exciting to discover this through the redirect! Thanks for your work!