Libre Graphics World Weekly Recap 12 August 2019

Just in case anyone hasn’t been following @prokoudine’s work over on LGW, he’s published a new weekly update on happenings around Libre Graphics!

(Aww, no fancy onebox. :slight_smile: ). I’ll do it manually…

Week recap - 12 August 2019
Week highlights: great new features in GIMP, Krita, and RawTherapee, new digiKam release, better sculpting tools coming to Blender 2.81, GSoC project in Pitivi bringing better UI and features, Ardour improving regions workflow. GIMP developers have been busy refactoring everything related to plug-ins and the procedure database (PDB).

I’ve probably said it before, but if anyone has a few spare bucks a month consider kicking it over to his Patreon. Every little bit helps!