Light table previews are less sharp than darkroom view

(David LaCivita) #1

I’ve noticed my images are slightly blurry in light table. Everything looks correct in darkroom view, though.
light table


Is there a setting I’ve missed somewhere? I have tried it with half RAW and embedded jpg preview but it doesn’t make a difference.
I’m running 2.4.4 on Ubuntu.
Thanks in advance,


Is it possible that your raw file’s half-raw and embedded previews are the same in resolution? Don’t have time to investigate, so I might be offtrack. :slight_smile:

(Bri) #3

I also noticed this, but just assumed Lighttable gave a ‘preview’ of the xmp data for quick browsing and darkroom accessed the actual file to write edits.

Following in case more information pops up.

(darix) #4

lighttable == embedded jpeg preview from your camera or … the preview rendered from your edits once it is done.

darkroom == actually rendered data which then is highres.

IIRC there is an option to disable the embedded jpeg and have it render on first import

(Christian Kanzian) #5

Same here since ?ever? I don’t use the full preview in lighttable mode, so I don’t care.

Yes, I have it enabled, but that does not change anything.

Lighttable shows preview images from cache, but I don’t know how resolution and quality of this images are controlled.

In darktablerc there is an entry


In it says:

short: JPEG quality of on-disk thumbnails
longdescription: affects only the thumbnail cache used for quick startup

What happens if you set a higher value here?

(David LaCivita) #6

I haven’t noticed it since “ever.” It’s been bothering me for “a while” but I don’t remember when it started. I’d prefer to see the preview in full resolution.