Limited path length???

Continue staging with scripting (pysiril).

It looks it doesn’t support long paths )all sub directory created in advance)
For example convert cut filename extension of filename of symlink and it looks on 127 symbols:

Command was:
convert pp_sequince -out=c:/preprocessed_seq\NGC2246_06-31-57_N04-58-35_ATR3CMOS26000KMA_FLEN910_ANGL5\NGC2246_G_G100_OFS250_1x1_15s

Indeed issue with length of path and with length of sequence names too,

Replacement “/preprocessed_seq” to “/pp_seq” resolve the issue, but I still think that 127 symbols for path is very short for python scripting

Are you sure this isn’t a windows specific path problem? I’ve run into command line limits on windows several times.

Windows has a quite short file path length limit, but here it’s probably siril’s. We indeed have a 127 character limit for converted file name, but it was supposed to be for the file name alone, not the entire file path. we’ll need to check what’s happening.
Thanks for the report.

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Hi Vincent,

Thank you!!!

Could you please take a look on my previous report too?
It looks like when “convert” command with sequence name length maybe 16 (I didn’t check) or more it will create .fit files, but not .seq file.

The limit of the output file path for conversion has been lifted for next version. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you!