(Linux) Can't see images on NAS drive in file browser in RT 5.4

I’m running RT 5.4 under Mint 18.3;. I’m in the middle of my first learning session, so I have about 2 hours experience of RT. I regard myself as a reasonably competent user of Linux in its Mint flavour.

I want to be able to access raw files which are stored on a NAS drive. Because I can’t seem to fully understand SAMBA under Linux, the only practical way I have found of accessing any file on this NAS drive is to provide the strange incantation “smb://” in the address field in the Nemo file browser in Mint. After that I can get to any file I want on the NAS from any Mint application - except RT.

In the file browser area on the left side of the RT app window, there is an entry for ‘photos on’ but when I single or double-click on this entry nothing happens. Obviously, this is a user error; where/how do I get a more competent user?

Which GTK version do you use?

When trying to use Samba, most errors seem to occur because of wrong file/user credentials/permissions…

Here are two links that hopefully will be able to solve your problem:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

An invocation of “dpkg -l libgtk2.0-0 libgtk-3-0” tels me I am using 3.18.9-1ubun and 2.24.30-1ubu. This is of course not correct: I don’t use GTK personally; it’s the software that’s suing it and that is not in my control. That’s the choice of the developer, surely ?

Yep, many thanks. However, those links ably demonstrate why I cannot understand SAMBA. The referenced articles are written by experts for experts (ignoring the capability of the reader) and are therefore mostly non-sequiturs: experts don’t need that information. Ordinary users (not developers, not programmers, not IT geeks, just photographers for example) need advice which is relevant to their needs.

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