Linux software handling Canon SX70 HS lenses


Does anyone know if there is any Linux raw editing software that properly handles Canon SX70 HS lenses? I’ve followed the RawTherapee idea to get the lens profile from Adobe, but… I could not find this camera’s profile even in the newest version of the Adobe DNG converter…

Hello, the Canon SX70 uses the same lens as the SX60. The development version of Lensfun has correction data for distortion and CA for the SX60 so any software that uses Lensfun will work if you manually select the SX60.

Thanks! So now I just need to figure out how to make software use the development version of lensfun.

You probably need to update your lens profiles, he Dev version of lensfun has nothing to do with it. If you’re on Linux, run sudo lensfun-update-data.

Worked, thanks! However,either the lensfun is not fully correct, or I am missing some additional step that I should do manually. After applying the lenses, the “dark corners” are almost gone, but… almost. I am trying in darktable. The attached screenshot is just the capture of the corner of the photo.

Lensfun profiles are user contributed. Maybe this one isn’t very good or perhaps you’re just meant to crop a bit, as is often the case with compact cameras.

You can check the raw size vs the SoC jpeg size to see if the camera is just cropping those corners out of the jpeg. They look fairly dark, so my guess would be yes.

Otherwise you can try and make your own profile.

Yes, it seems that the camera is cropping. Somehow I assumed that such cropping would also go into the lens function, but that I can manage on my own.

Easiest is that you upload a raw sample.

SX60 profile is missing vignetting. Distortion and tca could have had more corrections. Creating a new one for your camera model would be the best.

I once attempted to create my own lens correction polynomials for SX50 HS, but the fit didn’t go so well… Anyway, here are my samples.
IMG_0592.CR3 (16.1 MB)

I just copied from SX60 and replaced it with SX70 HS.

Skärmbild från 2022-09-21 22-16-49

Increase the scale slider to 1,028 if you want to remove the black corners completely, but if I were you I would just create a decent profile. You can start with distortion correction because you just need Hugin for that. Take the raw samples, create the distortion correction data for your lens in Hugin and just replace the distortion data for your lens in cameras.xml (And create some more. Just 7 distortion correction lines for 3.8 – 247.0 mm are not enough).