lists of keyboard shortcuts

good evening,
where can I find the list of keyboard shortcuts for Natron
Thank you for your answers

Hello, unfortunately, there is currently no list of keyboard shortcuts for Natron.
However, I am pretty sure that Natron has almost the same keyboard shortcuts as Nuke:

There is a full list of shortcuts available in Preferences/User Interface/Shortcut Editor

How hard would it be to query that list from a default installation and then convert it to html?
to put on the website e.g.?

@darix The right place to do that is in the C++ code close to where we we generate, and you can get inspiration from how the list of shortcuts for the Shortcut Editor is built. You would for example generate a file, which would then be converted by the doc script (using pandoc) to _shortcuts.rst, and thus becom part of the official Natron doc.

This is a rather easy task, even for a first-time contributor who knows C++, but I do not have time to do this.

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