Little Backup Box August 2020 update (and call for help)

It’s gradually becoming a habit of mine: the moment I post a Little Backup Box update, I suddenly get bright ideas and time to implement them. This update is a case in point. Right after I shared the news that I updated the Little Backup Box web UI, I discovered UIkit. And because I liked it a lot and I had time, I promptly ported the web UI to it.

I also updated the System Info page, and it features two notable improvements. The page now has three gauges (Temperature, CPU load, and Memory) courtesy of JustGage. And finally, I implemented a transfer status feature that indicates the number of files remaining to be transferred. It’s a rather crude hack that simply counts files on the card and in the destination directory, and then displays the difference. It does so on each page refresh, so it doesn’t provide the info in real time.

Since Little Backup Box comes with Rclone, I added a chapter on using it for remote backups to the Little Backup Box book.

Finally, a call for help. There is an open issue on GitHub, indicating that Little Backup Box can’t handle 128GB and 256GB cards. I don’t have such high-capacity cards handy, so I can’t test it myself. If you have a 128GB or 256GB card, I’d be grateful if you could test it with Little Backup Box and share your results by commenting on the issue. Also, I’d love to test any card (XQD, CompactFlash, etc.) myself, but it’s pointless to waste money on something I’d use only once. If you have a spare high-capacity card, and you want to make sure it works with Little Backup Box, I’d be grateful if you could send it to me. DM me for further arrangements.