Little Backup Box June 2019 update

I discovered lately a couple of minor bugs in Little Backup Box, and I thought I’d fix them before heading to this year’s Libre Graphics Meeting in Saarbrücken. As it often happens, though, I ended up not only fixing the bugs but also adding new features and tweaking the existing functionality.

The biggest news is that Little Backup Box can noThis text will be hiddenw use the system card as backup storage. This can come in handy especially when you use Little Backup Box with Raspberry Pi Zero. Enabling the internal storage option is not as straightforward as ticking a check box, but it’s not beyond the wit of man either. You’ll find instructions on how to enable and configure this feature in the Linux Photography book.

The new version also makes it easier to monitor free disk space. Activate the DLNA and Samba servers, then switch to the System Info page to view free disk space info for all available storage, including the backup storage device.

The web UI now displays pop-up notifications when you press buttons. This feature uses JavaScript, so if you have a JavaScript blocker installed in your browser, you might want to whitelist the web UI so it functions properly.

To make it easier and safer to configure Little Backup Box, the key parameters have been moved to a separate config.cfg file.

Finally, I removed the LED-based progress status functionality, as it didn’t work as well as I expected.

As always, you’ll find the latest version of Little Backup Box in the project’s GitHub repository.