Live Photo Editing on Twitch

(Bri) #1

Good Morning!

Some of you know me, I’m a photographer and lurker. If you’ve posted any good darktable tips or YouTube recs I’ve probably stolen them.

I also do this thing where I share my process in a live stream every Wednesday at 8pm (CST). The past 6 months or so its been in a private Discord chat for my patrons, but today I’ll be making my public debut on Twitch! I mostly use darktable to edit my photos, but I also incorporate GIMP and Scribus to have a truly free workflow that anyone can follow regardless of gear.

Its super casual and I make a lot of mistakes, but my friends seemed to enjoy watching what I do and from what I can tell no one else is doing this right now.

Tonight I’ll be going over some model/skin retouching tips including frequency separation in GIMP. I’m pretty excited about the photos I have to work with!

If you want to watch go ahead and follow me at I’ll keep using this thread to share the topic each week. :slight_smile:


For all non-Americans: that’s 0100 UTC.

(Bri) #3

Thank you!

I do hope to eventually add in a weekend stream where I can start earlier for a better EU timeslot, but until then at least there’s archives!

(Mica) #4

P.S. you should stop being a lurker! :smile:

(Bri) #5

Haha, I know! But Im intimidated by Dev talk. :laughing:

(Mica) #6

We need posts on the artistic side! Not everything is dev… I personally want me of the art side: composition, techniques for accentuating certain looks, why one chooses the edits to reinforce the message.

(Bri) #7

You got it, PD! I’ll definitely bring some more content over here. :grin:

(Bri) #8

The stream last night went so well! If you missed it, its still archived on Twitch.

I talked about how to set up frequency separation, a little about ethical retouching, and tangented on layer masks.

Next Wednesday, same time same place, I’ll be going over Parametric Masks in darktable since I brought them up last night.

Hope to see you there!

(darix) #9

Direct link

(Bri) #10

One day I’ll remember all the important marketing details. Today is not that day. :laughing:

Thanks, Darix!

(David Oliver) #11

Followed! I’m not sure I’ll be able to make the live streams (I’m in the EU), but will keep an eye on your videos. Thanks.

(Bri) #12

As soon as my schedule will allow, I’d like to add a second weekend stream to get a better EU timeslot. I know it’s pretty rough for a lot of you.

(Bri) #13

Its Wednesday, folks! That means I’ll be live streaming later tonight on

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I moved back my start time from 8pm to 7pm CST. I’ve been feeling a bit rushed in my hour timeslot, but didn’t want to stay up later (day job and all).

Anywho, I’ll be talking about Parametric Masks in darktable. I’m by no means an expert on the subject, but I know enough to show off how useful it is! And then probably go back to some frequency separation work at the end of the stream because I still have photos that need to get done like yesterday. :grimacing:

(Bri) #14

Last week’s streaming didn’t go all that well so I didn’t save the video. I’m gonna go back to what Im best at and just ramble about art instead of trying to explain tools.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at it with some shots of one of my favorite bridges in Chicago.

Tune in to chat with me! Same channel, now at 7pm CST!

(Bri) #15

Link to last night’s VOD

And a quick preview of one of the pictures I worked on!

Next week is going to be an irregularly timed stream, as I have a job interview I need to go do first. I’ll probably pop on for a bit afterwards and do some Play RAWs from this forum in darktable for a bit.

(Stampede) #16

How long do videos stay archived on Twitch? I have never used the site before, but I would like to watch these later. Right now when you go to the link, it is expired.

(Bri) #17

Right now only two weeks since Im not an affiliate. Looks like the first one I did is off now.

But! I downloaded the file before it disappeared and I’ll start up a YouTube archive of expired streams tonight. Will report back here once I get the links. :slight_smile:

(Stampede) #18

Great. I was thinking of doing a similar thing as you are doing, both to educate other people on how to edit with FOSS software, show the devs how people use their product, and also get tips that can improve my own results and workflow. I look forward to seeing your video. Be sure to post the link when you have it.

(Bri) #19

You definitely should! I think im the only one live editing in FOSS on Twitch right now, so itd be great to get more people doing it!

Here’s the link to last night’s stream if you haven’t seen it yet:

(Bri) #20

Alright, I finally got the backups on youtube!

The first twitch stream was working with frequency separation in GIMP to edit portraits:

Last week I worked on some bridge photos:

And I didn’t do anything this week, since I had an interview on Wednesday, but I might grab a few Play Raws and do those up on stream this afternoon. :slight_smile: