Load images directly in queue from pp3s

RT 5.8

I have processed over 100 images from many, many directories and have saved them in the same export folder. I was saving them as 60% + best compression + save the pp3.

Now that I have what I want, I want to reprocess the same images but this time at 85% and best quality for printing.

Is there a way of just opening all the pp3 files in the queue and RT will grab the images from all the various folders, without me having to select them manually through the browser? (I may have to do this a few times)

Thank you

Admittedly I haven’t used this yet myself, but RawTherapee does come with a command-line variant.

A quick look at the options suggests that you could tackle your problem this way: RawTherapee Command-Line Options


Next time you want to do that, just put all images in the queue at your first settings (60% + …)
Do not start the queue.
Locate the queue.csv file in your RT config folder and make a copy of it.
Start the queue.
Close RT
Rename your copy of queue.csv to queue.csv, open it in an editor, change the settings and save it.
Then start RT and process the queue again


Thank you