Load/Save/Export became unusually slow for certain jpg files

Gimp 2.10.32 (rev 1) gimp.org build - Windows 64 bits
From what I can see, the jpgs coming from my camera now became slow to load AND save (loading time 13 sec approx. instead of 2s for other files), it was not the case with the first gimp 2.10.x builds I worked with a year or two ago. I can’t figure out why, other jpgs I have tested, with a similar filesize, are opened and saved way more quickly by gimp.

Sample 1 - straight from camera

Sample 2 - post-processed with gimp

Hello & welcome!

It would help if you give the version of Gimp you are using and your operating system. Can you upload a jpg that loads slow in Gimp?

(You can upload files by clicking on the up-arrow button when writing a msg).

Thank you, I updated my first post with this

Hi @anarkhya, and welcome!

A wild guess: could it be that you have selected
some HDR setting, for instance HDR Painting picture effect,
when shooting?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Both files load reasonably quickly for me in Gimp 2.10.32 (<2s for the biggest one).

For comparison, ImageMagick’s identify -verbose (that uncompresses the file since it does statistics on color channels) runs in 275ms for the small one and 1060ms for the big one.

Is there a difference in the file system used to store the files from your camera?

I checked my camera settings, I didn’t enable anything of this sort

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I’d say that I’m running gimp on one low end computer and one very low end laptop, I guess on a mid end setup loading time is short in any case. Difference in file system, no idea about that, what can I do to know that ?

If you are on Windows: one file system = one drive. A file system can be slow (well on Windows, they all are :smiling_imp: ) due to device, fragmentation, encryption…

On Linux (and possibly macOS):

 df -T /path/to/file 

in a terminal will tell you on which/what file system the file is.

The problem is the EXIF metadata. It has a lot of Sony specific tags. This looks very similar to https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gimp/-/issues/6685.

Our metadata handling has improved the last years. However, the (de)serializing of the metadata is not optimal for large amounts of tags.


Did you have the same camera in those days?

yep the exact same, what changed is me updating my gimp builds over time

looking at the gitlab post, it looks like the exact same problem I have. May I do something to correct my camera’s behaviour with metadata, in your opinion ?

I’m using windows, for both of my machines, so I guess I’m stuck with the slow thing haha