Loading this .pp3 file changes setting it should not change


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I start with neutral_my1.pp3, which sets the working profile to Adobe RGB and the output profile to AdobeRGB1998. When I next load LAB_start1.pp3 (below), the working profile changes to ProPhoto and the output profile to RT_sRGB. It also happens when I load LAB_start1.pp3 with a Control-click and select the Lab* adjustments only (although the short file has only the LuminanceCurve section).

Am I doing something wrong, or should I file a bug report?


[Luminance Curve]

neutral_my1.pp3 (9.8 KB)

(Ingo Weyrich) #2

Maybe you’re in ‘Fill mode’ instead of ‘Preserve mode’


You’ve activated this button. :slight_smile:

Edit: @heckflosse was faster :grinning:


Hi @TooWaBoo
I see you’ve logged an issue to remove this feature https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/issues/3761 I don’t have a github account, so reply here.
What are you proposing the default action is?
RTCharles wants loaded profiles to only overwrite specified settings i.e. no fill.
I like loaded profiles to completely overwrite all settings whether they are defined or not i.e. fill mode.

I admit, that it is unlikely that users will switch behaviour very often, but I can see that different users prefer different behaviour. I vote to keep this feature as it is.

(Mica) #5

I’d agree with @TooWaBoo, I don’t see where I’d want to convert a partial profile to a full profile. This will get more confusing if the “dynamic processing profile” feature request is accepted.


I prefer the preserve mode, only defined settings will be applied. The issue in github is for discussion, but we can discuss it also here.

For me, the fill mode makes no sense. If I want a profile which change everything, I create a full profile. Could you explain why you want this feature?


@paperdigits @TooWaBoo
The way I work is…
I pick an image and process it, then in file browser I copy the processing to all other images of similar condition, mainly just having to fine tune exposure and black point. I do this for each group of “similar condition” images for that day.
I load a profile and then continue manually, I have never worked the other way round. i.e. manually adjust some settings, and then load additional settings from a profile.

I have created multiple of my own profiles, which are all intended as starting points. I have set my most common starting point as my default processing profile. If I load a new profile, it is because I want a different starting point and I want the new profile to completely reset all settings.

With the option for partial profiles only, I would have to update all my profiles every time a new feature is added. To make sure it resets all settings.

I can see that the dynamic profile feature offers a new way of getting to the starting point, but I may still want to reset to a different one.

I’m not saying the way I work is the best way, or that there aren’t other ways of working, but why remove a feature that is as unobtrusive as this.

Hope this helps clarify.

Of course, if no-one else uses fill mode, then don’t let me get in the way of progress :slight_smile:


OK, I didn’t thought about new features, which makes all full profile a partial profile, but this affects only already developed images. I’ve only one full profile for each camera and update them when there are new features.


Yes, that was it, thank you.

My usage, for what it might mean for the larger discussion: I have several partial profiles that I might apply one after another to an image - the LAB starting adjustment I posted, one for noise reduction, perhaps a film simulation with some adjustments.

I guess this fairly new profile fill mode is the first feature in RT for which I’d like a confirming ‘Are you sure?’ dialog.


This is not new, it’s veeeeery old. :grinning:


Hi, and sorry if I hijacked your thread. I saw the github issue and then saw this discussion, and assumed this had led to the other.
I quite like the idea of your approach, and if were to start again today, perhaps with the existence of “rt profile chooser” and now “dynamic processing profiles” I might have done things similarly. But now I am stuck in my ways :slight_smile:

@TooWaBoo it wouldn’t be the end fo the world for me. I can always clear and apply full profiles from the file browser.


@TooWaBoo it wouldn’t be the end fo the world for me.

It’s only a suggestion. :slight_smile: