Local adjustment ellipse doesn't Rotate with the image

I am using RawTherapee_dev_5.8-2945-g36f1300a6_20210523.

Just before I would rotate and crop the image - I placed an elliptic local adjustment along a nearly horizontal feature - a shadow in which I raised the lightness. The center spot was the default size and the ellipse was shaped to cover the whole shadow.

When I in Rotate then introduced an almost 45 dg rotation clock wise, the local contrast ellipse didn’t follow, i.e. stayed in it’s original position as a (now) highlighted ellipse.

Eigil Skovgaard

Confirmed using 5.8-3030-g57b4d1e8f.

You best file a bug report on GitHub See Roel’s reply below.

This is due to the position of Local Adjustments in the pipeline relative to perspective and rotation corrections. It is most likely very difficult to alter this (in fact impossible for perspective).
It should be documented, but in any case, please do your compositing first and local adjustments second.

However, if for some reason it is very important to make the local adjustments first and the composition later (rotation, perspective…):

  1. Edit with local adjustments
  2. Save in TIFF
  3. Open TIFF
  4. Continue editing now with the composition…

All right, I’ll change my workflow - and hope for an improvement. For raw development in general the order of adjustments in the pipeline should be of no importance.

Well, I understand, but this never holds up for a fixed pipeline. Tools do not generally commute. In other words, as soon as you introduce a non-linear edit somewhere, the order of operations matters. And such operations happen quite often, in particular when using more complex tools.