local contrast default value

I’m new in the forum but no newbie with RT. Thanks to all developers - it’s a great software!! I love to work with it for about 3 years.

My question: One of my favourite tools is local contrast. In most cases I have to reduce the default “amount” value of 20 because I find the setting too intense. Is there a way to change this default to e.g. 10?

Yes, make your own default processing profile with that set to 10. Read the section on processing profiles in the documentation: http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Main_Page#Processing_Profiles

Thanks Morgan! I’ll have a look there…

It works perfectly, I could even set the default values without having activated the tool (local contrast) in the profile.

To do so:

  • activate tool, set the desired values
  • save the profile, set it as standard processing profile
  • deactivate tool, save the profile again
  • after restarting RT the values are defaults
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Personally, I find reducing the radius and the darkness level gives me pleasing results.